Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jay-Z and Kanye Parody About Bookstores? Ok.

I was planning to write a real post today--there were a couple of timely topics of interest to me, like celebrity ghostwriting and eBooks for children v. adults. I actually have some opinions on these topics to share. But my day today is full of stress and overwhelming drama, so those more in-depth posts will have to wait, sadly.

Instead, I am going to share with you a funny parody I found on the HuffingtonPost.com:

Kanye West once infamously said, "I would never want a book's autograph." In light of this, we wonder how he would feel about Annabelle Quezada and La Shea Delaney's book nerd parody of his and Jay-Z's song "N*ggas in Paris."

Dubbed "B*tches in Bookshops," the girls make countless book geek references: Goodreads, Friday Reads, Foucault, Proust, Barthes...we could go on and on.

With lines like, "Read so hard librarians tryin’ ta FINE me­ /They can’t identify me/ Checked in with a pseudonym, so I guess you can say I’m Mark Twaining," we're hoping that these ladies make a follow up.

Check out the video below, and click here to visit Annabelle's blog, which also features a transcript of the lyrics:

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