Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hunger Games Webcomic from Tor.com

With the Hunger Games movie on the brain (I bought my opening night tickets yesterday--w00t!) it's no surprise that @Tordotcom's tweet regarding The Hunger Games and a short comic by @faitherinhicks caught my eye.

The tweet linked to a post on Tor.com, sharing Faith's comic:

The forthcoming film version of The Hunger Games has produced a lot of excitement, but its suprising density for a young adult trilogy has also produced a lot of reflection. In Faith Erin Hicks’s case, this reflection is very, very personal. (Contains spoilers for the end of the series.)

Faith Erin Hicks is the author and illustrator of a number of webcomics, including Demonology 101 and Zombies Calling. Her comic Friends With Boys is now available as a graphic novel from First Second.

Be sure to check out her other comics on Tor.com, as well, including her fantastic tribute on A Wrinkle in Time (“Punch of love!”) and Aliens.

See the original post HERE

This is definitely an interesting concept (and powerful statement of hope). But there's one important thing to remember when creating a parallel between The Hunger Games and war as we know it:

In The Hunger Games, all of this violence is done for sport, not to end some kind of conflict or eventually better the world (NOT saying war does that, but for some, that's how it's viewed!).

Sad on so many levels.

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  1. I'm argumentative. It's not done for sport, it's done for control. The games is a method to keep the populace in line and remind them who's in charge. Additionally, it's used as method of dividing and conquering the various sectors, a stronger parallel with war. War creates, inherently through fighting and also by propaganda, stronger xenophobia. There's 'us' and 'them'. If the 'them' is our enemy of focus, we forget about the state control, our real enemy.