Guest Bloggers

Danielle lives in Massachusetts with her husband and children. A former Veterinary major in college, she now writes full time and travels. You can find her on Twitter: @DanielleEBowers

Dan Cabrera is currently a peon in the world of book publishing. He enjoys reading all kinds of books, particularly any that involve animals, mysterious diseases, or bittersweet endings. You can read his blog at You can also find him on Twitter: @Dan_Cab

Alex Christopher is a Californian transplant to New York City, where she works as a book publicist (quite near the cube of the lovely Danielle). Through double majoring in Global Studies and Art Studio, she became well versed in the practices of relief printing on letterpress, papermaking, and book arts. She can be found on Twitter: @alexthelady.  

T.S. is currently an Associate Editor at HQN. He is a former Assistant Editor with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, where he worked on young adult and middle grade fiction. As assistant to the Editoral Director, T.S. worked with authors such as Sherman Alexie, Sara Zarr and Pseudonymous Bosch. His editorial debut, Hate List by Jennifer Brown, was released to much acclaim this past September and has since been named a School Library Journal Best Book of 2009, a Children's Indie Next Pick, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age. In his spare time, T.S. enjoys nonstop karaoke (at a bar or in his bedroom---he doesn't care), and is currently working on a YA novel of his own. Visit him at can find him on Twitter too: @TeeEss

RossH is a researcher and and consultant focused on higher education and library policy. And, of course, a fan of webcomics. You can find him on Twitter: @rossh. 

Tara is a life-long lover of books. Her infatuation with the written word began when she picked up The Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. From there she has gone on to devour books of various sizes and ilks, and then she converted her love of reading into a career in publishing. She recently completed coursework to obtain her Masters in Publishing and spends her days negotiating book contracts and chasing foreign books and materials for the clients of the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency. You can find her on Twitter: @Tara_Hart28.

Kris Kennedy writes sexy, adventure-filled medieval romances for Pocket Books. Visit her website ( and sign-up for the newsletter, read exclusive excerpts, or just drop Kris a line saying Hi! Follow her on Twitter: @KrisKennedy.

Patricia Eimer is a small-town girl fated to be a storyteller. After a stint of "thinking practically," she earned degrees in Business and Economics, but her passion has always been a good book. She lives in Pittsburgh with her two kids and a husband who learned the art of frozen pizza to give her more time to write. When she’s not writing she can be found fencing or arguing with her dogs about plot points. Most days the beagle wins, but the dalmatian is a close second. She’s a distant third. Follow her on Twitter: @PatriciaEimer.

Paul LaRosa is a journalist with more than 30 years experience in print and television. For nearly 20 years, he’s been a successful producer for the CBS News magazine “48 Hours.” He’s written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and has authored four previous non-fiction books. To read his blog and for more information, please go to his website: Follow him on Twitter: @PaulLaRosa

LG is a 20-something writer and blogger from Alaska. She has experience in NYC publishing, as well as television production, and currently works for a non-profit in Anchorage, AK. She writes, reads, and studies pop culture and technology trends to her heart's content in her free time. You can find her at her website The Urban Alaskan and on Twitter (@lorriegrace).

Gloria is an alias for a freelance writer who works in publishing. With her finger still firmly on the industry's pulse, she plans to bring you all the juice as often as possible--as well as all the opinions unfit to print. You can send tips to Gloria's attention at

A marine biologist in a former life, Allison turned to a life of crime to finance her wild spending habits and need to collect Faberge eggs. A cat thief of notable repute, she spends her days sleeping and nights scaling walls and wooing dancing boys....Well, at least the marine biology part is true. And she was taloned by a hawk once. She also loves Hello Kitty, sparkly shoes, and gorgeous violinists. She spends her days in Northern Virginia working as a cube grunt and her nights waiting on her kids and cats, punctuated by the occasional husbandly serenade. Sometimes she even manages to write. Mostly she just makes it up as she goes. Check out her blog at and her official author site at You can also follow her on Twitter: @allison_pang.

Meghan  is an associate editor at Hudson Street Press, working on prescriptive (how-to) and narrative nonfiction. She enjoys reading fiction because it’s not work-related. Originally from Wisconsin, Meghan has somewhat embarrassing hobbies and passions including but not limited to country music, useless yet extensive knowledge of one-hit wonders, Jason Segel and the New York Mets. Her first New York Times bestseller contained the line “Bros before ho’s.” (Seriously: Page 11 of THE BRO CODE.) She has a penchant for trivia and more cats than people live in her apartment. Follow her on Twitter: @megstevenson.

Linnea West writes about art and culture and a little bit of everything else on her blog Art Ravels. You can also follow her on twitter at @linnea_west.

RACHEL ZUGSCHWERT (formerly Rachel Bostic)
Rachel is a voracious reader, amateur belly dancer, and lover of all things purple. She works in publishing in Minneapolis, MN. Follow Rachel on Twitter: @RachelZugs.