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About the site creator: 

Born and raised in rural New Jersey, Danielle Poiesz is more than just a bibliophile. While a large chunk of her life has certainly been spent reading or writing, she also has a penchant for billiards and travel, a deep-rooted love of music and film, an obsession with dessert (she even has a cat named Cupcake), and mean skills in the kitchen (mushroom risotto is her specialty).

Since graduating from Boston University, Danielle has run the publishing gamut: sales and editorial, to business development, digital/online, and self-publishing, to strategic innovations and tech; from Macmillan to Simon & Schuster to Penguin to freelance editorial work. One thing has always stayed the same, though: her love of the written word.

She also has never changed who she is for anyone or any job. Honest, hardworking, compassionate, and slightly silly, Danielle prides herself on maintaining a professional persona that is true to who she is deep down.

Find her on Twitter at @daniellepoiesz.

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