Wednesday, July 7, 2010

UPDATE: Frost Gives on Some of Law's Requests

I'm quite pleased to report that Jude Law and Sadie Frost have come to an agreement regarding Frost's upcoming memoir after Law pursued legal action, according to The Guardian:

Jude Law has agreed terms with ex-wife Sadie Frost after issuing legal proceedings to prevent images of their children appearing in her upcoming memoir in order to protect their privacy.

Justice Tugendhat granted a permanent injunction by consent at the high court in London today after Law and Frost reached an agreement that will see certain passages relating to their turbulent marriage cut and all photographs of the children removed.

It emerged last week that Law was seeking an injunction against Frost and Blake Publishing, which intends to publish the memoir Crazy Days later this year, because of concerns for the privacy and welfare of their three children.

"My client Jude Law issued proceedings against Blake Publishing and Sadie Frost, as he was concerned about certain passages in Ms Frost's forthcoming autobiography as well as the proposed publication of photographs of his children," said Mark Thomson, partner at law firm Atkins Thomson, which represents Law. "Mr Law is pleased that the parties have been able to resolve this speedily; he has been able to protect his and his children's privacy and Ms Frost is able to proceed with her latest project."

Read the entire article HERE

May I just say, this kind of rocks my socks.

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