Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cheap Trick Rocks Comic-Con International

It always astonishes me when people don't know who really created the song "I Want You to Want Me." They all know the song, but few actually know its original songwriters--Cheap Trick.

1977, "In Color" album. Look it up.

But now, all you poor, deprived music fans and book lovers will be a little more aware of one of my favorite 70s bands (who are shockingly still together)...

Why, you ask?

Because Cheap Trick frontman, Robin Zander, has written a comic book.

Yes, that's right. A comic book--entitled High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise after a song of the same name from "All Shook Up," C.T.'s 1980 album. Information courtesy of NewsaRama blogger Albert Ching:
The integration of comic books and music is always a mixed bag — Kid ‘n’ Play meeting Strong Guy aside. So it’s understandable if you’re slightly skeptical over High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise (named after a song off of 1980 album All Shook Up), the new comic book created and written by Cheap Trick lead singer and rhythm guitarist Robin Zander.

Zander signed some early copies of his graphic novel at this year's Comic-Con International this past week in San Deigo, and HPoRN (that looks wrong haha) is scheduled for release this fall by Ape Entertainment, according to the band's website. C.T. also performed at a private show post-Comic-Con.

Though, this isn't the first comic for the band, Ching points out. "Marvel Comics put out a promotional book to tie-in with the band’s 1980 album, Busted; with a script by Jim Salicrup and art from June Brigman," he writes.

I'm not sure, if HPoRN will also follow Marvel's tie-in strategy or if the comic will be a bit more of a standalone, but who knows. Maybe this one will finally get my generation to finally have a correct answer to the question: "What band wrote 'I Want You to Want Me'?"


  1. That is my daughter Sabrina up above asking Robin to sign her shirt! It was an awesome time at Comic Con.

  2. LOL! That's too funny. What a small world!!