Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NYPL Announces iPad App

More and more libraries are slowly working their way into the digital revolution, allowing readers to "check out" eBooks. But the New York Public Library is taking a leap into digital in a very different way: They've created an iPad app.

Felicia Lee of the New York Times tells us more in her online story this morning:
Here an app, there an app, everywhere an apt app. Now, the New York Public Library has created a new iPad app that bring the library’s research collections into “the palms of the public’s hand,” as library officials put it in a statement released Tuesday. “Biblion: The Boundless Library” is the name for a series of apps available on Apple’s tablet computer that highlight different elements in the library’s collection. It was developed by the library and the design firm Potion.

The first edition showcases the library’s 1939-1940 New York World’s fair holdings, which are among the most consulted by researchers. Users will be able to turn over, zoom in and roam through hundreds of items. At the end of this week, the library is putting out an app that lets the public play “Find that Future,” from game designer Jane McGonigal, author of “Reality is Broken.” This summer, look for an app that lets the public reserve books. The new app is available at Apple’s iTunes store. A web version is to be available soon at nypl.org.

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While I applaud the NYPL for taking such a leap into the digital age, I'm not sure this app is one that would be used by more than academics, researchers, and reporters. I'd be more interested in seeing them do something that reaches general readers, that engages the public in such a way that it makes them want to go to the library and take advantage of its vast catalog.

What do you think? Would you use this app? Why or why not?

RBtL wants to know!

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  1. This might be the reason I'd buy an iPad, if I ever get a job.