Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Expecting an Unexpected Film Adaptation

With Mother's Day just behind us, a headline caught my eye over at Publisher Marketplace today: "Improbable 'What to Expect' Movie Sets Mothers Day 2012 Release."

Me: Wha? That's insane! How the heck are they going to--

Then I clicked on the link and went over to the article at Variety.com.

Me: *pause* ...oh.

It seems Hollywood (Lionsgate and Phoenix Pictures, to be exact) is doing something a little different in May 2012: adapting the uber-bestselling What to Expect When Your Expecting by Heidi Murkoff, et al. into a film.

The beloved nonfiction pregnancy book has been initially adapted by "Whip It!" author Shauna Cross, a choice that I personally find quite intriguing. I loved "Whip It!" (it is also one of the few instances when I like a movie better than its literary counterpart) and Cross certainly has a voice for the screen. I guess I just didn't expect such a serious and time-honored subject to be given the wit and snark that Cross is sure to bring to the script.

But, alas, my assumptions are wrong--this movie is intended to be a comedy. Another surprising, but thought-provoking choice.

So far, Cameron Diaz is the only star even potentially attached to the project that I can find and is set to take on the lead role. She's not my fave but it'll be a kind of part for her so interesting nonetheless.



  1. I loved "Whip It" as well! I think we watched it about a year ago at your apartment and I was thrilled we did! I had no idea that it was a book prior to becoming a movie, so if nothing else, your post today has led me in search of finding this non-masterpiece of literature to sit and devour at some point this summer!

  2. Really interesting - and a bit bizarre. I'll have to keep an eye out for that.