Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stephen Colbert Fights Back Against Amazon

By now, we've all certainly heard about the whole Amazon-Hachette ordeal. We all have our opinions and frustrations, but for the most part, expressing our views on the matter goes unnoticed as such small fish in such a big pond. 

There are some people, however, who can get the word out to thousands and thousands in one fell swoop, just as popular television personality Stephen Colbert did earlier this week. 

I'm not usually a big Colbert fan, but I've gotta say, the below makes me smile so big. 

The Huffington Post tells us more:
Nobody, but nobody messes with Stephen Colbert's book sales, not even Jeff Bezos.
In the midst of Amazon's ongoing fight with Hachette, the "Report" host took a little time on Wednesday to express some choice words -- and gestures -- for the online retailer. 
Check out the clip [below] to see Colbert let Amazon know how he feels about a 3-4 week shipping delay on his books, and [even further below], see his interview with author Sherman Alexie about how the Amazon/Hachette fight affects authors. More importantly, watch Colbert unveil his plan for how to beat Amazon at their own game by offering book pre-orders on his own site. 
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