Friday, April 11, 2014

New Trend: Reading Alone Together

Apparently there is a growing fad in the literary world. No, I am not talking about New Adult fiction. I am talking about silent reading parties. The trend first started out in Seattle, with the Sorrento Hotel hosting the event on the first Wednesday of every month. Now, a Brooklyn bar called Muchmore is following suit, according to GalleyCat:
A group of readers in New York have formed Silent Reading Party NYC, a once a month event in New York in which readers gather in a bar to silently read in a group setting. 
The next one will take place this Sunday April 13th at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn from 7-9pm. Brandee Younger will play harp music to set the mood. 
Check it out: “Silent Reading Party NYC is a free monthly event that offers people the chance to drink together and read to themselves in the comfort of a quiet bar with cozy couches and good lighting.” 
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While my initial reaction to the trend was "o_O" I have always enjoyed reading quietly with others around. It's part of why I like going to coffee shops, restaurants, or bars and just sitting there with a book, letting the day move along around me. While this behavior sometimes makes me feel self-conscious, garnering looks from my fellow patrons to the effect of "what a loser" or "umm okay," it's still nice to be lost in my little fictitious world within the real one. So why not do it with a bunch of people who feel the same? If I still lived in NYC, I'd be all over this monthly get-together (even if I would have to trek to Brooklyn).

If anyone out there has taken part in one of these silent reading parties, I'd love to get your thoughts on the experience! I imagine it would be lovely...

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