Monday, June 28, 2010

You Go, Grandma!

Some sweet news from GalleyCat over the weekend--an 82-year-old British woman just signed a three-book deal with UK Publisher Honno Press, proving it's never too late to make your authorial dreams come true:

If the 20 Under 40 list has you spooked, never fear--82-year-old novelist Myrrha Stanford-Smith has landed a book deal for a trilogy about the relationship between the great writers William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. After working her whole life as an actor and acting teacher, Stanford-Smith wrote her first novel late in life.

Here's the grandmother's reaction, from BBC News: "'I had to put the phone down and ring them back as I was so taken aback by the whole thing,' she said. 'I'd been waiting for the manuscript to be sent back really, rejected. It was such a wonderful surprise.'"

The Wales-based writer sent her first novel The Great Lie to Honno Press--unexpectedly landing a three-book deal. Her publisher generated a fair amount of press over the deal. The publisher of Welsh women authors recently posted this note: "we have been overwhelmed with manuscripts and are currently not accepting any more until October 1st, 2010."

See the article HERE


  1. Never give up hope I guess...although some of the stories in that NewYorker issue are so good as to be entirely intimidating!

  2. i could keep writing but at 82. my writing would scare you in a different way.....kudos grammy