Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cameron to Pen "Avatar" Novel

Who has the biggest ego in Hollywood? Why, James Cameron, of course!

While the creator of Titantic and Avatar certainly has some phenomenal credits to his name, t the film maven is known to be an egotistical control-freak of the highest order. (Just ask his third ex-wife, Linda Hamilton--or read this crazy and kind of hysterical tell-all interview on

And now his ego is being fed even more.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Cameron has confirmed that he will in fact be writing the "Avatar" novel:

James Cameron has the two biggest movie blockbusters of all time: “Titanic” and “Avatar.” So what’s left for him to conquer? The world of literature.

At a reception held in his honor on Tuesday night in New York City at the Four Seasons Restaurant, Cameron confirmed reports that he’s turning his Oscar-nominated movie “Avatar” into a novel.

“There are things you can do in books that you can’t do with films,” said Cameron.

“Avatar” tells the story of a disabled Marine who travels to a distant moon called Pandora, inhabits a surrogate body, and falls in with a nature-loving alien race fighting military and corporate forces seeking to exploit their land for profit.

He says the book version of “Avatar” will follow the film version “quite closely” in
terms of the plot. But the novel will also include “interior monologues” and provide details about the characters and Pandora.

Cameron said he first considered writing the book when he was filming the movie. “I told myself, if it made money, I’d write a book,” the director said.

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I'm sorry but it must be said--what a wanker! =p

Leave the novels to the pros, Cameron. Or, better yet, leave it on the big screen where it belongs. The actual "Avatar" premise is generic; it's the special effects that make it the big flick it is.

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  1. Funny that he's writing a book beause he said last night at the taping of "inside the actos studio" that he's not a good writer. He's also really self-deprecating and hilarious in real life. I personally think every bit of ego that he has is well-deserved and hard-earned. The man may not be a great writer, but his stories are well-constructed and, quite franky, I think he's a genius. :-)