Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And the winner is....

Work has been insanity this week, so I aplogize for my lack of posting. But here's a brief update on the whole Amazon v. Macmillan debacle...

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the two companies have actually come to an agreement! *sarcastic gasp*

A week after Amazon.com Inc. halted the direct sale of books published by Macmillan in a pricing dispute, the two sides have settled their differences and books by Macmillan authors went back on sale on Amazon's Web site over the weekend.

The settlement sets the stage for what will almost certainly be a transformative year in publishing as Amazon goes head-to-head with Apple Inc. over the thriving electronic-book market.

By agreeing to accept a new pricing model, Amazon has publicly acknowledged the sudden emergence of a rival that may not only threaten its highly popular Kindle franchise but also its total domination of e-books.

Specific terms of the Macmillan agreement couldn't be learned. However, they are expected to include higher prices for e-books, mirroring those offered by Apple on its coming iPad device.

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Also check out this interesting video from WSJ.com:

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