Monday, January 25, 2010

Guest Blogger, LG: Trend Alert--A New Way Cover It Up

Have you ever found yourself caught in the middle of an argument where one person adamantly claims that publishing is a dying industry, waving a Kindle or e-Reader in the air, while the other screams in horror and clutches his or her physical book tightly?

Oh, you haven’t? Lucky you.

But those of us who love our books--and can’t live without our technology--don’t have to be caught in the middle anymore!

BookBook has created the ultimate technology- and book-lover’s computer cover. It’s a practical and quirkily-stylish way to protect your beloved MacBook in the style of a rare leather-bound hard back book. It would also look pretty good on your shelves next to your other books—especially if you’re at risk for being burglarized. (I kid, I kid.) They’re pricey at $79.99, but they’re also hand-made and the website claims, “No two are alike.” Pretty dang cool.

Now if only they’d make these for e-Readers!

The BookBook is made for 13- and 15-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro. Keep your eyes on this small start-up company. They’re sure to be coming up with some great ideas in the near future.

Check out the BookBook HERE

About the blogger: LG is a 20-something writer and blogger from Alaska currently living in New York City. She works in publishing and television production to pay the bills, but continues to write, read, and study pop culture and technology trends to her heart's content in her free time. Visit her blog, "Big Girl, Bigger City" to read about her daily misadventures.

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  1. Okay, that's cool. I wonder if they can customize the title on that leather spine... hmmm...
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