Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sad Days for Books and Cupcakes

Today, I saw an announcement that the famed CRUMBS cupcake shop in NYC has closed its doors. It happened without warning and now all the other numerous cupcake shops will surely be fighting for those abandoned customers.

While I did enjoy their carrot cake cupcake quite a lot, I'm honestly more upset by another company/organization going under from financial strain: World Book Night.

GalleyCat tells us more:
World Book Night is shutting down after three years of distributing free books across the country. The volunteer-run organization is shuttering due to lack of funding. 
“The expenses of running World Book Night U.S., even given the significant financial and time commitment from publishers, writers, givers, booksellers, librarians, printers, distributors, and shippers, are too high to sustain without additional funding,” explained the organization on its Facebook page. 
“This has been a remarkable, passionate undertaking, and it has been a success by all measures, except for one: Outside funding,” stated Carl Lennertz, Executive Director of World Book Night U.S. “For three years, the publishing industry and book community have very generously footed the bill and contributed enormous time and effort, and our gratitude is immeasurable, especially for the givers. For us here at World Book Night, this experience has been life-changing, as we hope it has been for the givers and recipients of the books.” 
World Book Night UK, a separate organization that also hands out free books in April, will not be affected by this change. “We want to assure our followers and supporters that the suspension of operations in the US will not affect World Book Night in the UK,” the organization explained on its blog. “We have exciting plans for World Book Night 2015 and beyond, which will be shaped and informed by the evaluation we have carried out this year.” 
See the original post HERE

It's so sad when a great program like this comes to an end, simply due to lack of donations, not lack of interest. There are so many people out there just swimming in cash, and if only they would lend a hand, things like this, that supports literacy and benefits so many people, could keep going. Sigh. If I were one of them, I'd be throwing money toward reading-related causes left and right.

But I'm not, so all I can say is, we'll miss you World Book Night. Thank you for three years of such immense book love.

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  1. I was super sad to hear about World Book Night too... I really had a BLAST handing out free books to people... :-/