Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wear Your Favorite Books

The other day on Tumblr I re-blogged these awesome literary brooches. I have personally worn a brooch, nor can I even imagine how to do so properly, but my attention has been pulled back to them when GalleyCat wrote up a quick piece today on the very same accessories:

London-based artist Sarah Pounder has been transforming the pages of classic novels into wooden brooches. 
She sells them through the Etsy store House of Ismay. The collection includes a heart-shaped Pride and Prejudice pin, a pipe-shaped Sherlock Holmes pin and a whale-shaped Moby Dick pin. The buttons retail for $8.53-17.06.
See the original post HERE

Here are some of the other brooch options:

Not only are these cool in their own right, but they also reminded me of an Etsy shop that I found while doing my Christmas purchases this past fall that makes some really cool book-based jewelry, ESPARTOstudio. I had gotten one of the necklaces for a friend of mine, and it can be a really fun gift (especially when you choose one of the pendants that focuses on a specific word, IMHO):

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