Monday, November 25, 2013

Is DIVERGENT Diverging Its Audience?

As I imagine most of you know, last Friday was opening day of the much-awaited film adaptation of Catching Fire, the second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy. I, of course, was at the front of the line with my friend Kelly that evening to see it. Not only was I stoked for the movie itself, but I also couldn't wait for the previews.

Why? Because I knew they'd show the recently released trailer for Divergent, the first film based on the trilogy of the same name by Veronica Roth.

I adored this series and have been excited for the film from the moment the first actor was cast, making it a sure thing for its production. For me, the preview incited extreme chair bouncing as well as gleeful squees.

But for Kelly, who hasn't read the series (yet!), she wasn't so thrilled. From the slightly confused look on her face I could tell that she didn't quite follow what was going on. And after watching it again when I got home, I could see exactly why: the trailer was relying on the book to snag its audience. It didn't give enough about the story for those peeps who haven't read the books, thus potentially alienating a good portion of its potential audience.

This is actually something I haven't come across in a while, but it does make me wonder how the film will tackle the book as a whole. I have no doubt that I will love the movie, but how will it build the complex and powerful faction-filled world for non-readers? My fingers are crossed that it doesn't follow in the trailers footsteps, as amazing as it is for those of us who have read the books.

Have you read Divergent? What do you think about the trailer? 

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