Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poetry Tuesday!

April is National Poetry Month...who knew? I certainly didn't.

But now that I do, this Poem-a-Day Challenge (with prompts!) launched by the Writer's Digest poetry blogger sounds pretty fun:

Happy National Poetry Month! Over at Writers Digest, Poetry Asides blogger Robert Lee Brewer launched the Poem-a-Day Challenge. At the same time, poets around the country have joined the annual National Poetry Writing Month.

The challenge is simple: write a poem every day in April. The challenge kicked off [on Sunday, April 1] and will run until May 1st to accommodate international participants. Follow this link for all the details.

Here’s more about the challenge: “If you want to share your poems throughout the month, the best way is to paste your poem in the comments on the post that corresponds with that day’s prompt. You’ll find folks are pretty supportive on the Poetic Asides site. And if they’re not, I expect to be notified via e-mail.” Will you participate? (via Debbie Ohi)

See the post on GalleyCat HERE

Now, though this has nothing to do with a poetry prompt of any kind and is not something I created recently at all, I figured I'd share with you a silly poem I wrote in a creative writing class many, many years ago:


Mad man Jimmy
Sure did know how to shimmy
Out on the old dance floor.
His knees they creaked,
His shoes, oh the squeak!
In the center of the grocery store.

With a tap of his foot
A black scuff mark he put
On his way down the shampoo aisle.
He boogied along
To a Neil Diamond song
And boy, did he have style!

“Hey, Jimmy old friend
Watch out for that blend!”
Called Cashier Joe with a start.
Jimmy slipped on his lace,
Coffee cans smashed in his face,
His body flung into a cart.

Now, he leapt to his feet
And stepped back to the beat
In a coffee-ground covered jive.
“Sorry, Joe,” Jimmy said
With a nod of his head,
“Clean up on Aisle five.”

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