Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fun with Reading T-shirts!

I think I found a new favorite online reading-related t-shirt shop:

Fulfill your inner and/or outer librarian. Prepare for 'Dewey Decimals' to take on a whole new meaning. Just be quiet."

"She Blinded Me with Library Science" Link

What's the difference between books and boys? People pay money for used books, hey now." *snerk*

"Books Not Boys" link

"Würdwürm has an insatiable appetite for all forms of literature. But who doesn't? It's good for the mind, and the paper is delicious."

"Insatiable Reader" Link

"From the eager mind of Extreme Canadian history artist Kate Beaton comes the most accurate t-shirt a person can buy. If you've ever read a book you understand what this is about. It is crazy."

"This Shit is Crazy" Link

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