Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Another World for Westerfeld's "Uglies"

One of my favorite YA series, Scott Westerfeld's Uglies, is making its manga debut, according to

With its high-octance action sequences, vast and visual world, and powerful emotion, I'm sure Uglies will translate well into such a vivid medium. And perhaps even more vivid endeavor (depending on your take!), it's also been optioned for film!


IMDB is having an epic FAIL on this one though and I can't seem to gather any legit info, so more to come as it surfaces. But here's the sitch as I know it from BleedingCool:

At Comic Con [on July 24], Uglies writer Scott Westerfield announced a manga adaptation of his sci-fi novel series Uglies starting in May next year. Drawn by Steven Cumming, an American living in Tokyo, these will be four books of 200 pages each, and will retell the story of a world where people get extreme plastic surgery when they reach the age of 16, and those who rebel against this, but from main character Tally’s friend Shay.


Scott is also working on another non-Uglies-related graphic novel. But the news that got the biggest cheer was when he told the crowd that an Uglies film is being funded by special effects company Lola, responsible for the Benjamin Button and Captain America facial special effects that would be necessary for this film to work…

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