Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Time....

Hi, there darling readers!

It's finally time for me to reveal what I've been working on so stealthily the past several months at Penguin...Book Country!

Book Country is a free online reading community and writing workshop, designed specifically for genre fiction. (Genre fiction encapsulates five main genres: romance, mystery, science fiction, and fantasy.) It's a place for readers, writers, industry professionals, bloggers, anyone really, to discover and share new genre fiction, as well as discuss challenges, trends, etc. in the book world today. Aspiring authors can also seek advice both from experts and their peers!

I could talk about it forever, but I won't. I will, however, ask you to pop on by Book Country and check it out for yourself!

With our fun and unique Genre Map (What's that, you ask? A new way to find books! GO LOOK!), peer review system, well-curated forum, and exclusive industry articles, there's something for everyone at Book Country.

For more information, check out the About Us on the site, as well as all the great media pieces that hit the web today about this fab project:

New York Times

Publishers Marketplace

Publisher's Lunch ---> Well, you have to subscribe to this one, but I'm actually mentioned here so it's pretty exciting haha

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