Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Dinosaur Genre Talk (What???)

Good morning, friends--just wanted to say Happy Monday and give you all a little beginning-of-the-week chuckle with this comic from Dinosaur Comics (recommended by none other than guest blogger Dan Cabrera) about categorizing your fiction into genres.

FUN FACT: Choosing the appropriate genre can be tricky business, but it's important! Publishing is an industry where items do, in fact, fall into semi-strict categories and those categories determine a book's audience, which in turn determines how it is marketed, promoted, and sold. Categorizing a book improperly can lead to its downfall, even if it’s a well-written and entertaining book.


  1. At least publishing hasn't gotten as bad as the movie industry which decrees that not only must all films fit into a fairly discernible genre, but they must also appeal strongly to one quadrant of the age/genre diagram with some carryover into a second quadrant.

    That's how we ended up with Transformers 2, and I think we can all agree the world is worse off for that.

  2. Arg, that would be age/gender diagram. Foiled by a lack of editing.