Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Match Made in the Bookstore

So, it's Saturday night and what am I doing? Sitting at home after a nice evening in with my friend Rebecca trying to catch up on my blogging. And what am I not doing? Dating.

But apparently, as Rebecca pointed out to me, I could date all book-like with a new online dating site--Alikewise.

Following the trend and the site model created by Goodreads, Alikewise is a dating service that matches people based on book taste. The website, created just this year by two gentlemen--both named Matt, coincidentally--claims the following mission:

Alikewise is about finding common ground based on what you like to read. Imagine a dinner party where you wander over to your host’s bookshelf, and strike up a chat with the person next to you. You loved The Black Swan? Me too.

Other sites say they know what makes people compatible. We’re skeptical of that promise – after all, many great romances would never have happened if they were determined by checkboxes and questionnaires.

We think it’s better to find an area of passionate interest, and let you take it from there. If you like discovering people as much as you like discovering books, let Alikewise give you something to talk about.

I don't really have all that much to say about this, now that I've actually started this post, but I am certainly curious as to what kinds of people it would stir up for my crazy eclectic taste in books! It seems they come up with everything these days!

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  1. I wonder how many men on there just want to seem literary in order to attract women. Because (I'll admit this) I did a quick search and my options are virtually zero :P