Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guest Blogger, LG: Hump Day Humor

It’s amusing how certain words have evolved over time in our dialect—as has our collective sense of humor. Remember when “gay” used to mean happy? It’s not used that way much anymore, and when it is you can be sure it’ll elicit a few snickers in a crowd.

My art history teacher once caught my attention while I was spacing out during a seminar freshman year of college by saying a peasant in an old painting was carrying a “faggot” on his back. She actually meant he was hauling a large bunch of twigs. And I still giggle childishly whenever someone talks about a “bung hole” in a wine cask.

Yes, let it be said that my preferred brand of humor—typically terribly inappropriate—appeals more to 12-year-old boys than the average 25-year-old female. I can’t even create a character named Paul in my novel without at least one friend joking that I named him that because it rhymes with “ball.”

Even my university had issues: It was an all-women college and yet it was founded by a man named Cocke, and our dining hall was called The Moody Center. What the heck?

Now, knowing all of this about me, you can imagine how The Huffington Post’s slide show entitled “The 11 Funniest Unintentionally-Sexual Books of All Time” has tickled my proverbial funny bone. I mean…appeals to the 12-year-old boy inside me. Oh God… what I mean to say is: Who wouldn’t laugh at a book called Scouts in Bondage or The Day Amanda Came? And really – what is The Pocket Book of Boners about?

I have to say, Games You Can Play with Your Pussy is my favorite. I wonder if my cat would approve…

What are some of your favorite antiquated now-dirty or modernly humorous words, phrases, or even book titles?

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