Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Almost a "New Moon"

Just a few days before the film adaptation of New Moon comes out in theatres, posted a fun little list about the "Twilight" films--"Twilight: Ten Things You Never Knew":

1. Over 5,000 actors auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen, which went to Robert Pattinson.

2. The actors need to remain pale, so their contracts reportedly include a "stay out of the sun" clause for the duration of the shoot.

3. The first Twilight film, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, took over $70 million worldwide and was the top debut ever for a film directed by a woman.

4. Two of the songs in the first film, Never Think and Let Me Sign, were recorded by Robert Pattinson.

5. The author, Stephenie Meyer, says that the idea for the book came to her in a dream.

6. Stephenie Meyer made a cameo in the first film, as a woman who orders a vegetarian sandwich in the diner.

7. The location of Forks, Washington was decided upon when Meyer googled the
parts of the US which have the most rain.

8. The name Edward Cullen is a mix of Stephenie Meyer's love of classic heroes of English literature, such as Edward Rochester and Edward Ferrars, and a common English surname found on seventeenth century tombstones.

9. There are five completed books in the Twilight saga – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, The Host, and Breaking Dawn.

10. A sixth book – Midnight Sun – was leaked incomplete onto the internet. The book is still unfinished – Meyer says it is on hold indefinitely.

While a couple of them I did in fact know, and #9 here isn't actually accurate (The Host is not part of the series--it's an adult novel), I thought it would be a nice way
to start off a Tuesday morning.

I'm honestly looking forward to the release of "New Moon" and am planning to see it with a couple friends. While the first Twilight flick was certainly not quality--bad acting, poor pacing, some ridiculous special effects--I still enjoyed it anyway. The books are the same way: they aren't technically good but they're entertaining and enoyable nonetheless.

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