Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whatever happened to value pricing?

The price of books keeps creeping up as time goes on, just like anything else. Mass markets that were $6.99 last year are being upriced to $7.99, hardcovers are as expensive as ever, trade paperback price points are escalating by a dollar or two in places, and even MM value promotions have gone up from $3.99 to $5.99 since my start in the industry. But a 1.12 million dollar price tag? Unheard of!

Until now...

According to CBC news in Canada, Kraken Opus, a fancy UK publisher, recently announced a 850-page wine book that is expected to retail for £640,000--The Wine Opus. The book will discuss the top 100 wineries in the world, a list that will be compiled by the "United Nations of Wine" (who knew?). Sure, consumers will receive six bottles of wine from each of said wineries, but this is just absurd.

So, remember, even though prices are increasing at a rather shocking percentage, it could always be worse!


  1. The book sounds like a throw-in, to be honest. I'd definitely pay $1.12 million just to have the 600 best bottles of wine on earth.

  2. I dunno...I'd rather build my collection from the ground up than have someone decide it for me! And definitely not for 1.12 mil.

    Besides, the wines they give you will only be good for so long I'd imagine. If they are the best wines now, they probably are going to peak pretty darn soon!

  3. I love the idea ... but not for $1.2million! Anytime someone wants to give me wine, I'm happy! Haha

  4. Nah, you can store wine for decades if you do it properly. I think it's a sound investment. Now I just need to find someone to lend me $1.12 million....

  5. haha I know you can store it. That's my point though. If it's the "best" RIGHT NOW, it might not be the "best" in ten years. If a wine is the best, it means it's drinkable now. So depending on the wine, it might not be drinkable in ten years. It'll vary how close they are to peaking. But anyway, this is a book blog not a wine blog =P you just go ahead and find that investor! ;)